Tuesday, January 24, 2012

David torns new album..........

As I write this, I am using my newest toy I-pod to CRANK this into my brain. It took me a bit to get this cd as I am Broke, but I bought it of a friend , who surprisingly found it too "straight".
He is a Prezen's guy....I love this, this is the first album with david that I have really connected to in the last few years. ( check out the soundtrack for "The Order").
I read some other reviews that we're not completely favorable, but I say this: BUY the freakin thing.
This is full of different flavors, almost an update to David's Door X but so much better!
Ok, I have been lame, the band rocks and Alan White is killer. Tony Levin is as always amazing but as I listen I am amazed buy the sounds produced by a trio. Oh yeah..Polytown...think Polytown. If you don't have this (and Polytown) get them.

This is both a throwback (fusion- prog-rock) and moving forward at the same time.
sorry, it's Torn.

01 - No Warning Lights
02 - Ultra Mullet
03 - White Noise
04 - The Hood Fell
05 - Monkey Mind
06 - Cheese It the Corpse
07 - Convergence
08 - Pillowfull of Dark Dreams
09 - The Egg Man Comith
10 - Sleeping Horse
11 - Prom Night of the Centipedes
12 - Crunch Time
13 - Brain Tattoo
14 - Lights Out

Tony Levin: bass and Chapman Stick
David Torn: guitar and textural events
Alan White: drums and percussion

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