Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yoron Isreal

I was lucky enough to be able to see a wonderful singer and member of the Berklee School of music staff Gabrielle Goodman last week at KCC. She brought the house down (no surprise there) and another cool thing was a cameo by Stephen Webber, playing a lovely samba on guitar.

She gave her backup (Matthew Truss) a solo appearance and I don't think there was one person who did not get "chickenskin". Amazing .....(grace).

But, I was stoked by the band. Will Lydgate, island resident and Berklee alum was as always, subtle yet stunning, the pianist (of whom I am unfamiliar with) Jiri Nedoma , definitely showed he will be going places...But most of all..give the drummer some. Yoron Isreal, who I have never had the pleasure of hearing live was a monster. Not a loud monster..a perfect monster.

Here is his website:

Now I have heard him on several recordings, but I had not as a leader: check this out..

Ronja Music

Yoron Israel - Drums
Kyle Koehler- Organ
Ed Cherry - Guitar
Jay Hoggard - Vibes, Marimba
Bill Pierce - Tenor, Soprano Saxophones
Ernesto Diaz - Percussion

Man, look at the line up..ed cherry, bill pierce...I tell you< its as good as it looks!

and there's more:
Ronja Music Company

Yoron Israel - Drums
Donald Harrison - Alto Saxophone
Phillip Harper - Trumpet
James Williams - Piano
("The Move" only)
Ed Cherry - Guitar
John Lockwood - Bass
Bryan Carrott - Vibraphone
Lance Bryant - Tenor/Soprano Sax... again a killer,

Yoron has a couple more. One with Joe Lovano and another with Eric Alexander. Man..I wish he had copies!
I guess its amazon for me:

Dance World Dance by Rodney Kendrick, Graham Haynes, Arthur Blythe, Michael Bowie and Tarus Mateen (1994)

The Telarc Collection, Vol. 9 by Eduard Strauss, Jean Sibelius, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms and Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1993)
New Used
Audio CD, 1993

$19.99 $6.23

New Used
Audio CD, 1995

$49.99 $4.99

Find all the CDs, MP3s, and vinyl, plus photos, videos, biographies, discussions, and more. Visit the store.

And I got to tell you, the Rodney Kendrick, dance world, dance...nice.

here is an article about the show:

Kaua‘i welcomed acclaimed singer-songwriter Gabrielle Goodman and Matthew Truss to the stage at Kaua‘i Community College on Jan. 8 to perform an incredibly diverse offering of spiritual and jazz standards, R&B and original compositions. The Berklee –Steelgrass Residency Program brings Boston’s Berklee College of Music faculty to Kaua’i with the support of the Kaua’i Concert Association and Tony Lydgate.

Goodman, a long-time Berklee College voice professor, has performed with musical greats Roberta Flack, Miles Davies, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle and Nancy Wilson. She wrote “You Can Make the Story Right” for Chaka Khan, which earned her a top 10 ASCAP songwriters award. She was magical Sunday afternoon with stunning vocals and a talented keyboard performance.

Truss sang backup vocal for Goodman during the first half and then took center stage for an acapella solo that brought everyone to their feet. Goodman and Truss were accompanied by Yoron Israel, Jiri Nedoma and Kaua‘i’s own Will Lydgate on bass. Truss teaches private voice instruction at Berklee and focuses on bringing music into the inner city, not just in Boston but in more than a dozen cities around the world.

Stephen Webber, a professor of music at Berklee, the world’s largest music college, accompanied on guitar for a few of the arrangements and granted an interview for this piece. Berklee College began in the 1940s focusing on the dominant musical style of the day which was jazz. True to its roots, John Mayer, Amy Mann and Quincy Jones graduated from their halls.

Webber is the executive producer of the Berklee-Steelgrass Residency program, which for five years now has come to Kaua‘i’s west side to host workshops and five weeks of resident training to aspiring students from all over the world.

Proceeds from the Jan. 8 concert will go to help sponsor a place in the residency program for a young musician from Kaua‘i. A recording studio also on the west side affiliated with the college is dedicated to help preserve the dialect, songs and music of the area. It also provides the college faculty and residents a place to concentrate on their art and to learn recording. The Steelgrass facility is sponsored by Tony Lydgate and interestingly. Will Lydgate, Sunday’s bassist, is a graduate from the residency program.

Sunday was a musical journey from “Misty” to a soulful duet between Goodman and local music teacher Leinani Springer for “Wade in the Water” before tribute tunes, from Marvin Gaye to Steve Miller. A finish with “God Bless the Child” earned Goodman a standing ovation and four minutes of applause that called her back to the stage to perform a soulful rendition of “My Funny Valentine.”

Berklee College of Music has a faculty of 525 teachers and 4,000 undergraduates. The college is introducing graduate studies in writing and scoring for film, video games and television, as well as the music business. Anyone wanting to help secure a spot in the residency program for a music student from Kaua‘i can contact Stephen Webber at

Read more:

Here is the berklee site:

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  1. Let's not forget Yoron Israel's brand new recording: "Visions - The Music of Stevie Wonder" with his High Standards" band: Lance Bryant (sax); Laszlo Gardony (piano); Ron Mahdi (bass); w/ guests Thaddeus Hogarth (harmonica/guitar) & Larry Roland (spoken word).